New home sales training topics: everything your sales team wants to know and more

  1. The importance of great selling skills
  2. Understanding the home buying process
  3. Knowing the basics before becoming spontaneous with your customer
  4. Building trust with your customer
  5. Receiving visitor survey information
  6. Listening your way to a sale
  7. The importance of time
  8. What do they know and where did they learn it?
  9. Prioritizing buyer requirements
  10. Uncovering underlying motivations
  11. Determining the order of your sales presentation
  12. Using sales office displays
  13. Leveraging your community
  14. Leveraging your location
  15. Selling your builder
  16. Utilizing product knowledge
  17. No one likes a feature dumper
  18. Demonstrating your home
  19. Gaining feedback during your home demonstration
  20. Demonstrating your home sites
  21. How to demonstrate schools
  22. The review sit
  23. Handling resistance
  24. Selling financing or lenders
  25. Gaining agreement / getting the sale
  26. The referral
  27. Handling the incoming call
  28. Handling email effectively
  29. Developing a follow-through strategy
  30. The lost sale
  31. Making time for follow through

New Home Knowledge – New home sales training for the next generation of buyer

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Brenda Daly
Sales Manager
Newland Communities
Tampa, Florida
"Our new home specialists are really in love with the New Home Knowledge training program. They embraced it immediately and started using the techniques the first day. It is the first time I can remember when the sales team started asking me when we could set aside more time to have them come back for more sales training."