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Tips from Real Estate Sales Superstars, provides 52 segments delivered weekly of sales wisdom from real estate superstars who have closed more than $10 billion in new home transactions. They divulge priceless information that can't be found in any sales manual. It’s a powerful training tool for sales people at every level.

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Topics include:

  1. Demonstrating Homesites
  2. Pre-Qualified Customers
  3. Spec Homes vs. To-Be-Built
  4. Dollars-per-Square-Foot Buyers
  5. Price Negotiation Customers
  6. Discovery
  7. Be-Backs
  8. New vs. Resale Homes
  9. Custom Changes
  10. Closing Skills
  11. Realtor Relations
  12. Phone Follow-Up
  13. Slow-Selling Communities
  14. When Customers Say No
  15. House-to-Sell Customers
  16. Competitor Knowledge
  17. Ongoing Training
  18. Extended Builder Deliveries
  19. Pre-Sale Communities
  20. Selling The Neighborhood
  21. Cancelled Customers
  22. Multiple "Ups"
  23. Listening Skills
  24. Written Follow-up
  25. E-Mail Inquiries
  26. Creating Urgency with Empty Nesters
  27. "Next Year" Customers
  28. Construction Knowledge
  29. Asking Great Questions
  30. Difficult Customers
  31. Maintaining a Positive Attitude
  32. Referrals from Existing Customers
  33. Construction Superintendent
  34. Two-Minute Customers
  35. Reasons for Success
  36. Standard Features vs. Optional Upgrades
  37. Time Management
  38. Schools
  39. Getting on the A-List
  40. Generational Selling
  41. Realtor Turn-Offs
  42. Underlying Motivations
  43. "Researching the Market" Customers
  44. What Realtors Want from New Home Sales People
  45. Selling Your Builder
  46. Model Maintenance
  47. Building Rapport
  48. When to Talk "Price"
  49. Internet Customer
  50. "Your Prices are Too High"
  51. Customer Objections

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Paul Deffenbaugh
Editorial Director
Professional Builder Magazine
"I think that developing a great sales team is more than just getting back to the basics. John Rymer and New Home Knowledge strive for exceptional sales practices. They offer a fresh approach to understanding and motivating your sales team while providing real world solutions everyday sales issues."