Give your sales people a jump on cutting edge selling skills

If you want to organize your selling skills and understand the strategies of each aspect of the new home sales presentation, then this video series is for you.

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Moderated by John Rymer, this 34-segment, online sequential video sales training program provides the following topics:

  1. What separates the best
  2. Developing meaningful rapport
  3. Lead... by first following
  4. The importance of time
  5. The visitor survey
  6. Full participation selling
  7. Mastering the fundamentals
  8. Great questions= better answers
  9. Uncovering hidden motivations
  10. Prioritizing customer needs
  11. The need-to-know questions
  12. Timing may be everything
  13. Financing questions
  14. Utilizing sales displays
  15. Benefit selling
  16. Demonstrating your model
  17. Demonstrating homesites
  18. Showing your community
  19. Location, location, location
  20. Schools
  21. Homebuyer financing
  22. Mastering model details
  23. Handling resistance part 1
  24. Handling resistance part 2
  25. Handling resistance part 3
  26. Handling resistance part 4
  27. Gaining agreement part 1
  28. Gaining agreement part 2
  29. Follow-up, follow-up
  30. Written follow-up
  31. Phone follow-up
  32. E-mail response
  33. Realtor relations
  34. Knowing the Competition

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Paul Deffenbaugh
Editorial Director
Professional Builder Magazine
"I think that developing a great sales team is more than just getting back to the basics. John Rymer and New Home Knowledge strive for exceptional sales practices. They offer a fresh approach to understanding and motivating your sales team while providing real world solutions everyday sales issues."