Quit waiting and start participating with today’s new home buyer

If you're a community developer waiting for sales until the "market picks up," New Home Knowledge is not your source for sales training. The old tried-and-true "You need to act today, prices will be increasing..." simply doesn't appeal to the new breed of consumer who dislikes being "sold" and is looking for a better way to evaluate their home purchase.

What consumers really want assistance with the home buying process. That's why they respond so enthusiastically to the participatory and value builder buying process developed by New Home Knowledge.

Pioneering a new sales training philosophy

What makes NHK unique among community developer sales training providers is an innovative approach:

  • Full Participation with Every Customer - Create excitement and interest through the six-step participation process.
  • Customer Requirements Guide the Presentation - Organize and prioritize your presentation around customer needs.
  • Build a Bridge of Trust - Buyers become receptive to suggestions and sharing their real needs and motivations.
  • Good Questions & Better Answers - Listen your way to a sale... take control of the selling and buying process through efficient use of precise questions.
  • What Do They Know and When Did They Know it - Deal effectively with customers who have already visited your website and know a lot about your homes.
  • Demonstration Benefits - Influence a customer's thinking by focusing on product benefits (value) versus product features (price).
  • Prepare for Resistance - Effectively uncover misunderstandings and drawbacks using the six-step handling resistance process.
  • Close, Don't Finish - Initiate the six principles of closing

New Home Knowledge - community developer sales training

Our Philosophy

Our Training Philosophy

Paul Deffenbaugh
Editorial Director
Professional Builder Magazine
"I think that developing a great sales team is more than just getting back to the basics. John Rymer and New Home Knowledge strive for exceptional sales practices. They offer a fresh approach to understanding and motivating your sales team while providing real world solutions everyday sales issues."