NHK on-site training opportunities

To make this process second-nature to your sales team, we offer new home builders a complete array of onsite training opportunities, including:

Put $10 billion worth of sales experience to work for you

Our "X-treme" onsite training programs show your sales professionals how to connect and create excitement with every prospect, using NHK's seven-step participation process. It's a whole new way of selling that replaces the usual sales pitches and adversarial attitudes with a proven process to:

  • Pro-active involvement in the new home buying process of every customer.
  • Change listening habits that affect your ability to hear what is really important to the buyer and gain new insight.
  • Organize and prioritize your presentation around specific customer needs, not the same canned presentation.
  • Influence a prospect's thinking by focusing on product value instead of price.
  • Build a bridge of trust that makes buyers more receptive to suggestions and sharing their real needs and motivations.
  • Overcome buyers' resistance by establishing a relationship of cooperation through a series of rapport-building tactics.
  • Close with confidence, using our six-step process.

When sales associates use these principles to truly enter a home buyer's reality, it is much more likely that both parties will be able to produce an outcome that is mutually rewarding—a new home purchase.

New Home Knowledge – New home sales classes online and onsite

On-Site Training


Brenda Daly
Sales Manager
Newland Communities
Tampa, Florida
"Our new home specialists are really in love with the New Home Knowledge training program. They embraced it immediately and started using the techniques the first day. It is the first time I can remember when the sales team started asking me when we could set aside more time to have them come back for more sales training."